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Red Sky Aviation, LLC
Where Flying is Fun!
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We are delighted that you are here!

At Red Sky Aviation, we strive to provide you with top quality flight training. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!! Step 1: Call Red Sky TODAY! We will happily answer all your questions and get you started on your way to having your very own Pilot’s License!
Step 2: Book an Introductory Ride! Choose from any one of our qualified instructors, choose an aircraft, and choose a time. We will accommodate your schedule because we understand that you have a busy life. An hour long Intro Ride for 1-3 people costs only $135.
Step 3: Start your Training! After your introductory ride, you can either schedule your first lesson right then and there, or you can call after you’ve had a chance to look at your schedule. Either way, we offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.
Call us today at (925) 294-9703 and let your dreams take flight!
Join us for Aviation Ground School! Call our office for additional information! (925) 294-9703